The project will begin the development of a standardised metric for measuring the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems. This metric will be based on the system’s performance during a suite of tasks that test decision making. The project’s long-term goal will be to design a method for ranking current AI systems according to their abilities.

The student will examine the literature to identify which tasks should be included in the IQ test. They will also begin benchmarking simple algorithms, such as decision trees, to determine the lower bounds of AI capabilities.

Duration and Type

  • 12 week summer scholarship in the New Zealand Summer 2021/2022


  • This project will be suitable for any computer science student with interest in AI. It will require basic coding skills.

Supervisor and contact

  • Michael Witbrock
  • Joshua Bensemann
  • Yang Chen
  • Lia Lee
  • Alex Peng
  • Send CV and transcript by mail to the Strong AI Lab