The Ring of Fire refers to a band region that surrounds the Pacific Ocean, where most of the world’s largest earthquakes have occurred. They are mostly caused by collisions of tectonic plates or volcanic eruptions, and their predictions via first principles have traditionally been difficult. Some scenarios over the years have indicated potential correlation between events. We explore possibilities of creating an efficient prediction model of these events via machine learning approaches.

Duration and Type

  • Preferable 1 semester, but can be also done in 2 semesters
  • Honours project, other postgraduate project (MSc, MProfStuds, …)
  • RequirementsBasic maths, statistics (time series analysis), machine learning skills
  • Basic Bash scripting and good programming skills in R (or Python)

Supervisor and contact

  • Joerg Wicker and Jason Tam
  • Send CV and transcript by mail to Joerg Wicker