AI Reading Group

The AI Reading Group hosts bi-weekly reading groups where members present and discuss papers on topics in broad categories, such as AI ethics, machine learning, natural language processing, selection bias and computer vision. Come and join us in the discussion of ideas and seminal papers in AI Research to understand current developments and debates in the field!

Where and When
The AI Reading Group will be held bi-weekly (alternating with ML Student Seminars) on Thursday 2-3pm in 303S-561.

Papers will be selected by alternating members of the group and the paper schedule will be announced two weeks in advance. We then encourage everyone to read the paper before joining the session. During each session, members will be discussing strengths/weaknesses/impact/novelty of the paper.

AI Reading Group on Sep 30 2021: Generative Spoken Language Modeling from Raw Audio

Where and when: Thursday, Sep 30 at 2-3pm in Google Meet (see the calendar invite for the link) Abstract We introduce Generative Spoken Language Modeling, the task of learning the acoustic and linguistic characteristics of a language from raw audio (no text, no labels), and a set of metrics to automatically evaluate the learned representations at acoustic and linguistic levels for both encoding and generation. We set up baseline systems consisting of a discrete speech encoder (returning...

AI Reading Group on Sep 2 2021: Common pitfalls and recommendations for using machine learning to detect and prognosticate for COVID-19 using chest radiographs and CT scans

Where and when: Thursday, Sep 2 at 2-3pm in 303S-561 Abstract Machine learning methods offer great promise for fast and accurate detection and prognostication of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from standard-of-care chest radiographs (CXR) and chest computed tomography (CT) images. Many articles have been published in 2020 describing new machine learning-based models for both of these tasks, but it is unclear which are of potential clinical utility. In this systematic review, we...

AI Reading Group on Aug 19 2021: Tabular Data: Deep Learning is Not All You Need

Where and when: Thursday, Aug 19 at 2-3pm in 303S-561 Abstract A key element of AutoML systems is setting the types of models that will be used for each type of task. For classification and regression problems with tabular data, the use of tree ensemble models (like XGBoost) is usually recommended. However, several deep learning models for tabular data have recently been proposed, claiming to outperform XGBoost for some use-cases. In this paper, we explore whether these deep models should...